Hands-On virtual training

Learn from the best with our 30-minute Hands-On Virtual Training sessions led by expert Arlon installers and get hands-on with DPF V9700 and Series V3370. We highly encourage you Complete the Level 1 Trainingย to grasp the basics before signing up for Level 2.


To celebrate the launch of our new VITAL products, weโ€™re offering Green Rewards Cashback. Claim $75 cashback per roll on up to 10 rolls of DPF V9700 or Series V3370 purchased.

Get cashback rewards on either of our VITAL products! Series V3370 is compatible with DPF V9700 and with a range of some of your favorite Arlon films, such as SLX+, 8200 High Tack, 8200X High Tack, and 8000 Ultra Tack.

Claiming your Green Rewards Cashback is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Complete our Level 2 Training. We have a range of sessions to fit your schedule, offering both daytime and evening sessions.

Step 2

Purchase DPF V9700 or Series V3370. The cashback is calculated on the rolls of material purchased, giving you the flexibility to use any VITAL products that suit your business.

Step 3

Complete the simple rebate form with your proof of purchase, select your preferred method of payment, and submit your claim.


Hands-on virtual training

Elevate your skills by signing up now to learn more about the VITAL difference. Participants receive a VITAL Training kit complete with VITAL product samples, a squeegee, and a convenient phone mount for an immersive learning experience no matter where you are.

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* Training sessions are in your local time.

If the time doesn't suit your schedule

None of these dates work for you? Request a time that fits your calendar

Level 1

Intro to VITAL

Discover the benefits of our high-performance, non-PVC films in a two-minute overview.

Level 3


Join us for an in-person training with an Arlon Technical Team member to perfect your craft.

Green cashback claim